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Air tickets to Paris

                    France  Regarded by some as the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France is at once captivating for the imagination and a wonder for the eyes to behold.  From the majestic spires of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral to the soaring steel girders of the Eiffel Tower, Paris is home to some of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring cultural and historical icons the world has ever known.  If you have always dreamed of visting the grand boulevards and sitting in a sidewalk cafe sipping on your favorite beverage, now is the time.  There are cheap flight tickets available right now to take you to one of Europe’s true treasures. 

                      No visit to Paris would be complete with a trip to the Eiffel Tower.  Built in 1889, it is the world’s busiest monument, welcoming millions of people every year.  The tower is an eye-popping 1,063 feet tall and at one time was the tallest man-made structure on the planet.  Now fitted with lights, it is truly a specatacle to behold.  And, if you are there during the winter, be sure to visit the ice skating rink on the first level!

                      There is no better place for the art lover than Paris, France.  The city is home to some of the greatest art galleries in the world – the most famous of these being The Louvre.  Now a historical monument, the Louvre is home to some of the rarest and most famous works of art ever produced.  One can take in works by Rafeal and Michaelangelo.  And, of course, you cannot visit Paris without viewing Leonardo’s world famous, The Mona Lisa. 

                      Travelling around the city, one cannot help but notice the majestic architecture of Paris.  The Arc de Triomphe stands as an enduring monument to those who fought and died for freedom.  The Grand Palais is a marvelous glass building that was built for the 1900 Paris Exhibition.  And, the Notre de Paris Cathedral with it’s grand gothic style, intricate statues and beautiful stained glass, sits on the Seine River in a majestic splendor. 

                      Don’t delay your dreams of visiting one of the greatest cities in the world.  Cheap flight tickets from the United States are available today.  Tickets from New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles can be purchased for as little as $649 round trip and all under $1000!  The time is now to experience the romance and mystery of Paris!


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