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How to spend your vacation in Paris, France

from paris with loveParis has much to offer when you decide to spend your vacation in this city.It has amazing
restaurants to dine in and attractions like museums.Take a cruise to the Seine River where
you will be treated to an amazing trip on the water. It is a romantic trip which means that you
will be able to enjoy a glass of champagne during the cruise.There are also some of the best
wines in Paris that will leave you wanting for more.

The services in the cruise ship are amazing. You will be treated like royalty while on the
cruise. The warm reception is followed by a fantastic table setting in the cruise ship.After that
you will be treated to some of the most delicious meals that they have to offer. To spice up
the dinner in your cruise, there is soft music and live performances by some of the best local
artistsand dancer.There is no better way to spend your evening than on a cruise ship.

Is the cruise costly?
Before looking at the price of the cruise, you need to evaluate the quality of the cruise. This is
a world class cruise that can only take place in Paris. With that in mind, the whole cruise is
about 4 hours. This is 4 hours of complete luxury and amazing services. You will be able to
experience the other side of this great city.The cruise kicks off at one of the most visited
landmarks in the world which is the Eiffel Tower. From there it runs to the ministry of
finance and then back to the Eiffel Tower. To make the cruise interesting and bring out the
amazing night view, the cruise line is made out of glass.In addition to that the chefs who
make the dinner are the best and hence guaranteed mouth watering meals. As a result this
type of cruise is priceless for any visitor.

Why choose Paris
Paris is the land where lovers are able to light up their romantic life. A visit to Paris will thus
expose you to the softer side of this city.Lovers from all corners of the earth flock to Paris to
enjoy their honeymoon. However, it is not limited to lovers. You can come to Paris to
celebrate an important event in your life like your birthday.
Visitors also come to see the attractions in this amazing city.This is because it has gained
much popularity as one of the most loved cities in the world.
There are amazing restaurants and hotels that offer the best meals for the visitors. However,
you should check in with a travel agent to help you find the best places in Paris.On the other
hand, the internet is a great place to get all the relevant information that you may require for
your visit to Paris.
Choosing hotels away from the city of Paris
The Courtyard Charles hotel is found at the outcasts of the city.It is featured with
shuttleservices that allow guests to travel in and out of the hotel with ease. It also has
restaurants around that provide great meals or visitors. The De Gaulle hotel is located near
the airport.This is convenient for frequent travelers in and out of Paris as they will be able to
catch their flight in time.

photo by: agaw.dilim