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Explore the city of Nice

Just as the name suggests, Nice is an amazing city located in the southern part of France, on the
Mediterranean. If you want to explore some of the inland regions in France like the Provence and
Riviera areas, then Nice is the best place to start from.

How do you get to Nice?
Nice, FranceIt all depends with your current location within France. For those located in the French Riviera
region, then you can use an airplane to travel there. On the other hand a train is convenient if your
current location is the capital, Paris. The city is also enabled with great roads which makebuses and
cars as the suitable means of travel to Nice.

Where to stay while in Nice
They are able to accommodate everyone whatever the budget. For the low budget visitors, there are
pensions and guesthouses to meet your needs.On the other hand for visitors looking for luxury
accommodations, hotels that provide quality services for guests who want to dine like royalty are
available. As you move away from the city, you will find that there are numerous accommodations at
a lower price.

Background history of Nice
Nice developed as a trading city in the 10th century.History has it that people had settled in the
area400 years ago.At the beginning of the 20th century the citys reputation started to grow as there
were artists flocking in the region. Since then it has earned a spot as one of the favorites among
visitors in France.

What is there to see?
Take a walk around the city and experience the unique designs of the narrow streets, churches and
houses in ruins. A visit to the city will expose you to great museums and galleries. The atmosphere at
Nice is the best to look forward to.

Where to dine
Once in France, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and wine. There are luxury
restaurants away from the urban center and bars which are located in the town center.You will thus
be able to enjoy great meals and drinks.

Where to shop
You will be open to shop in the numerous town shops in the city.