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Finding your way around Paris by the use of Public transport

Transportation is readily available when you get to Paris, France. Situated 27km from Paris
is the Charles de Gaulle airport.It is a busy airport as it receives numerous flights fromacross
the globe. From here, you will catch a train to Paris. The RoissyRail is the most convenient as
it will get you to the city in no time.On your arrival to the airport you will find a shuttle bus
that will take you to the RoissyCharles de Gaulle.On the other hand, 16 km from the city is
the DOrlyairport that receives mostly the local and European flights. From here you will get
free services of a shuttle bus that will take you to Ponte de Rungis where you will take a train
to Paris. It is a convenient ride to the city as it is effective.

When in the city of Paris, you will be able to find your way around with ease. This is due to
the presence of the largest metropolitan in the globe. The entire railway system in France
meetsin the middle of Paris. This makes travelling efficient and reliable. It is thus the best
way if you want to have an easy time travelling around the city. The entire system is made up
of 14 lines which provide a wide coverage of the city. To make you familiar with the city,
you will be provided with a free map of the city that entails detailed information about the
city. The numerous shops in the city make shopping reliable as you will find a shop
everywhere you go. For efficiency in travelling around the city, you should buy a travel card
that will qualify you to travel in any public means.

Travelling by bus is another convenient way to find your way around Paris.They operate for
the most hours of the 24 hour time period.The routes in which the buses take are shown on
the RATP maps. This means of transport also involves tickets. However the tickets have to be
validated in the onboard machine for them to be eligible.

Velibis another public transport that is convenient to use. It involves the use of bicycles to
find your way around Paris. With the availability of cycling lanes around the city, it makes it
efficient and economical to travel around the city.There are approximately 1451 locations in
Paris where the locals and visitors pick and drop off the bicycles.There are numerous bikes
for this service. This makes it readily available for one to travel around with the use of
bikes.You can choose to buy cards that will qualify you to use this type of services on a daily
or weekly or monthly basis.

Travelling around especially in a great city like Paris that has much to offer can be very
tiring. In that case you need a place to rest and spend the night in. There are numerous
accommodations available in Paris.There are hotels for everyone in terms of the budget.
Others include hostels and guesthouses among others.

Food and drinks are also a specialty when you are in Paris.There are numerous restaurants
offering the best meals to their guests. The famous French cuisines with a twist of other
traditional recipes will leave you wanting for more. In addition to that you will be able to
enjoy the various brands of fine wine which will complement your stay in Paris, France.