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How to find your way around Provence

On the coast of the Mediterranean, Provence is one of the most loved cities in France. It is located
on the southern part of France and it is home to the rich history and architectural designs. In
addition to that it has gained much popularity as it neighbors the famous French Riviera.

How do you get to Provence?

You will be treated two various options in terms of traveling on your way to Provence. With the
availability of domestic and international flights, you will be able to travel by airplane. On the other
hand some visitors would prefer to travel by train.

Where to live while in Provence

Accommodation is not a problem once you get to Provence. There are lodgings and hotels to
accommodate any type of budget. In addition to that, guesthouses are available for everyone.

How did Provence come about?

Initially, Provence was a Roman Province. This is evident as there are numerous Roman sights and
sceneries to see and experience. It has a rich history as it was the popes one time seat. The region
has now grown to become one of the most beautiful places in France.

Where to dine once in Provence

A visit to the great restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros, you will be treated to delicious meals and
drinks. The different meals that they have to offer are of varied prices making them affordable for
everyone. Local meals are also available for visitors who want to have a taste of their rich
culture.Some examples of the local foods include the famous basil soup, anchovies and puree among

What is there to see in Provence?

French RivieraThis area is home to Arles, Aix-en Provence and Avignon towns. In these towns you will be able to
see breathe taking buildings, sites and burial grounds among others. You will also take amazing tours and excursions. The French Riviera is near to the Provence. This makes it a favorite to tourists as they will be able to visit the area.

Where to shop

There are numerous shops located in the region. It has a wide range of quality fabric materials to
offer. This will give you the best experience in terms of shopping.