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Information about the South of France

If you want to experience amazing coastlines and vast landscapes that is a favorite to most
public figures like celebrities and writers then the South of France is the place to be.

How to locate it
The South of France is located in Europe on the southern part of France that stretches
betweenItaly and Spain. In addition to that it stretches to Luberon and Provence areas. It has a
warm climate for great vacations, making a favorite destination for tourists.

Where to stay when in the South of France
Accommodation is in plenty when it comes to the South of France. The choices are unlimited
from guesthouses to hotels; you will get to enjoy your stay. For a great stay, filled with
warmth and peace, we recommend the boutique hotels that have much to offer than a roof
over your head. With the great meals, uniquely designed rooms and quality services, you will
have the time of your life on your stay.

What to see in the South of France
With the numerous amazing features and attractions that it has to offer, you cannot fully
explore the South of France with just one visit. In that case, visitors make frequent visits to
the region. With the luxury resorts like Cannes and St Tropez, you will be able to dine with
the rich as you enjoy the great view of yachts in the southern part of France. In addition to
that you will enjoy different water sports like sailing and surfing along the great coastline.On
your way to the inland of the South of France, you will be treated to the sight of beautiful
vineyards, landscapes and fields of wild flowers.

How to find your way around the South of France
Car hire services are available in the area. In that case you will be able to get to your travel
destinations and explore the different sites and sceneries. The South of France has great
infrastructures like roads, and hence you will be able to get to the various attraction
sites.However,with the toll controlled system used in the area for the use of the roads, you
can choose to use a train as it is more economical.