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Paris Pass Card

reminisce about france trip 2005Anyone who wants to travel to Paris should check out the Paris Pass.  The Paris pass offers a variety of different benefits to its holders including free access to 60+ of the top attractions, the ability to skip the lines and get instant access and much more.  The Paris pass even comes with a free metro travelcard that allows you to get on and off any of the Paris area public transportation as much as you’d like for free.  With a purchase of any Paris pass you also get a free 120+ page travel guide book to help you plan your dream vacation.


With free access to over 60 of the top locations in Paris you will have the freedom to enjoy your trip without worrying about the cost when using the Paris Pass.  Included in the list of attractions you can have unlimited visits to is the world famous Louvre museum, the pantheon,  the Notre Dame Cathedral, the museum of air and space and many more.

If you just visit three of the world famous attractions per day you can save hundreds of dollars on your trip, and that’s not even including the savings you’ll realize from the metro travelcard.  Having the option to jump on and off of a bus whenever you want is a great benefit for many people.  People are often on a bus ride to a specific area and notice a beautiful landmark on their way.  With the travelcard you can jump off the bus at the next step and check it out without costing you a dime.

No matter what sights you’re looking to take in on your Paris vacation the Paris Pass is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a thing and you save money while doing it.  With all the advantages of the Paris pass it is easy to see why it is so popular with tourists from around the world.

photo by: KE-TA