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Ten places to go in Paris

Quai de Valmy, 10th

M: 5 (J. Bonsergent)

This is an upcoming and cool spot in Paris. The canal provides its visitors with a refreshing walk through the design shops, bridges made of iron, gardens hidden from public view and traditional bistros. It also features an intriguing lock gate system with bridges that rotate to give way to passing boats and cars. There are great picnic spots on the riverside, though it is always wise to clean up afterwards to give others a clean spot to picnic. Rue de Marseille is a wonderful place to visit if you have an urge to go shopping.

63 rue de Monceau, 8th  

M: 2 or 3 (Villiers)

This museum was once a private palace owned by a rich aristocratic family. It was built in 1911 and it has a vast collection of exquisite art work that dates back to the 17th century. This breathtaking art collection is presently displayed in stylish settings from intricate tables to carpets to unique silverware to chandeliers to vases to wall clocks to a unique kitchen and not forgetting amazing bookshelves.


39 rue de Bretagne, 3rd

M: 8 (Filles du Calvaire)

Crossing the green gate you find yourself in a timeless environment. Built in 1615, it is regarded as the oldest covered market. It consists of stocked kiosks that sell fresh and organic products that suit a variety of lifestyle choices. From fresh juicy vegetables, cheese, wine, bread and any other item you will require while ion the area. To add luster to its name, the place has several spots within the stalls which allow people to have a seat while they refresh themselves with a drink or an irresistible bite of the pizza, pasta or a delicious French homemade dish.


2 rue Cauchy, 15th district

Metro: 10 (Javel), 7 (Balard)

This is one lovely park that takes pride in its immense nature collection of gardens filled with a variety of flowers, plants and trees of numerous species. This park is made even more attractive with its 120 fountains and is a family friendly outing spot what with its slides and playgrounds suitable for children and those young at heart. There are great picnic spots within the grounds and a tethered balloon ride offers one spectacular views of the Eiffel towers and Paris spots while 150m (500ft) above the ground.

 ‘’…The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, Montmartre… the list of famous tourist spots in Paris is endless. After several years living in Paris, I’ve discovered great and unusual places to visit – not always easy to find!…’’


Ile de la Cité, 1st  

M: 7 (Pont Neuf)

At times it only needs us to take a walk to discover hidden and precious gems that lie hidden just around the corner.  This is one of those gems, peaceful and elegant just beside one of the most famous and visited cruise boat piers. This square was put up in 1616 and has never been renovated. It is quite unfortunate that very few take the time to walk round the buildings to get to this timeless open spot that offers a great relaxing place for sharing a bottle of wine, flipping the pages of an interesting book or engage in a light game of boules.


Ask locals for the best nearby

M: everywhere

By simply thinking beyond the baguette the bakeries are the main treasure joints. Most of these bakeries are owned and operated by families and its no wonder then that each has their own unique way of baking their bread. You should try the irresistible ‘tradition’ seed or the miniature baguettes.

Get to enjoy their vast variety of tarts and cakes. A number of bakeries offer a delicious lunchtime offer to their customers which include dessert, fresh sandwich and a glass of soft drink at an unbeatable price package.


Rue Oberkampf, Timbaud, 11th

M: 3 (Parmentier)

This defines the unique vibrant lifestyle of France. Walk along the rue Oberkampf, rue St Maur, rue Timbaud, to finally get to  a line of small and big bar joints, restaurants as well as wineries. You get to find a diversity of joints from the ancient café the Charbon, the elegant cafe L’Autre Café, underground themed café like the Alimentation Générale, homely cafe like le Chat Noir, this is the place where you can experience an unforgettable first hand dining experience of your choice. The place is usually filled with people on happy occasions as well as party evenings.


52 rue de Rivoli, 4th

M: 1 or 11 (Hotel de Ville)

Just across the City Hall you find a 19th century department store, the BVH. Though the upper stocked floors are a little similar to the current modern stores, the lower floors offer a unique shopping experience. The low floors are specially dedicated to home improvements, hardware, DIY and a wide array of gadgets. The BVH has each kind of lamp, pipe, paint or door knob that is needed.

The place is usually busy but if you have time in your hands then this place is much fun.


23 rue St Augustin, 2nd

M: 3 (Quatre Septembre)

Some time ago the glass roof walkways were merely simple streets that had muddy areas sandwiched between two buildings where stall proprietors chose to construct a good roof to accommodate a higher number of clients in. this was the ancestral model of the modern malls we have today.

This one is considered the primal home to art galleries, a number of shoe stalls and some restaurants that serve fresh, organic and healthy foods. The venue is usually closed at night


Access by place Colette, 1st  

M: 1 or 7 (Palais Royal – Louvre)

It’s a modern art development that is well hidden in a square inside the previous Royal palace. The controversial venue consists of 260 columns of varying heights that perfectly echo the conventional design of the palace. The palace is popular with families with its playground well suited for children as well as adults who are playfully eager to climb the top and pose in statue forms. The palace offers incredible background scenes that are great for photo shoots. Be alert so as not to miss the entrance gate