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Things to consider when traveling to European countries: Focusing on France

Information about the country
When you talk about France, what comes into mind is the great history and what it has to
offer. This is due the wide range of attractions and sceneries it has to offer. It is considered to
be one of the most visitedcountries in the world. Apart from the amazing attractions, it offers
great foods and drinks. The famous French cuisine is a favorite to visitors who come just to
have a taste of the rich culture. On the other hand it is known to be home to the finest wines
that leave a lasting impression on visitors.Others include the lifestyle and fashion trend that
you will meet in France. Different seasons have their own unique way to entertain the
visitors. The winter season offers visitorswith the winter games. They all take place at the
Pyrenees and Alps. The summer is no different when it comes to sporting events. They are
featured with hot climate which provides the best weather for tourists to visit the beach.
Culture of the country
Culture means the way of living of the people within the country. French is the official
language spoken in the country. However, English is also a common language among the
visitors and also the locals. Shaking of hands is tradition among the French people. On the
other hand women are kissed at the cheeks in the form of greetings.Amazing perfumes and
sportswear are some of the most popular among the French people. Although most public
places in France demand for formal dressing, some of the beaches allow one to be nude. They
also advocate for mannerism at the dinner table.The host is the one who directs the visitors to
start the dinner. Smokers have also been prohibited smoking in public places.

Attractions and sites in the country
There is much to see in the country. The famous capital, Paris offers a wide range of
attractions for tourists. It is home to 200 galleries and 80 museums. In addition to that it is
easier to get to the city of Paris as it has an effective transport system. It is featured with a
world landmark, the Eiffel Tower which will make your visit memorable. You will be able to
visit the famous Notre Dame cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and the picturesque for a great
experience of what France has to offer. The famous painting, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da
Vinci is also found in France, among other attractions.

How to get around the country
There are numerous public transports to choose from while in France. On your arrival at the
Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport you will find the services of shuttle buses that will take you
to the city.In addition to that there are taxis, coaches and limousines that will provide you
with transportation from the airport to the city.Atrain is another convenient way to get to the
city from the airport.They operate 24 hours of the day which makes them reliable as a means
of travel.

Shopping around the country
There are numerous shopping malls and small shops where you can shop around for the best
items in France. At the airports, train and bus stations, you will find a variety of shops that
sell different items at reasonable prices.

Be sure that you have a travel insurance. If you get hurt or involved in an accident hospital bills can be very expensive in some countries.