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Things to know about Normandy

Normandy is popularly known as the area in the northern part of France where soldiers in their
thousands came on D-day in 1944. This rich history and culture makes it to be a popular tourist

History behind the region of Normandy
The great battle of the D-day soldiers with the Nazi provides the great history of the Normandy
region. This battle took place in the year 1944. The aftermath of this is multiple cemeteries,
memorials and battle sites that are evident in the current Normandy.

How to find your way around Normandy
Travelling around Normandy is not a problem. This is because it is featured withgreat transport
channels like roads, ferries, airports and railway. These channels will help you to get around the
region with ease.

Where to stay
Accommodation is paramount when it comes to enjoying your stay. Normandy offers great
accommodation packages for any kind of budget. They include hotels and farmhouses. For those
who want to experience a great outdoor adventure in the region, campsites are available. This will
also help you to save on the cost of booking a hotel room.

What is there to see in Normandy?Bayeux Cathedral
There are amazing features in the region for great viewing. Some of the most popular include the
cemeteries and the ancient war memorials.Take a visit to the famous Bayeux that will provide you
with the rich history of the great battles of William.

How to dine in Normandy
Come experience the French cuisine that offersseafood and unique cheeses among other mouth
watering meals. Wine is also popular in this area.

Where to shop
Shopping is a common phenomenon in Normandy. Visitors from all over the world come to the
region on holidays to shop. This is due to the great discounts on food and drinks that the region has
to offer during these periods.Collectors are attracted to buy their items in the flea market. In
addition to that there are shopslocated along the streets that offer great shopping areas.Traditional
markets and small shops also offer shopping opportunities for visitors.

photo by: Steve Parker