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5 Best Driving Routes in France for Tourists

If you’re like me, there’s simply nothing more exciting than taking a road trip. On the other hand, it also helps when that road trip happens to be somewhere as beautiful and interesting as France!

After all, France is an incredibly rich country with luscious landscapes, historical attractions, fun things to do and a great road infrastructure.

With this in mind, there are also many signed driving routes in France and each of these routes offers a different theme and unique experiences. In fact, if you have time, you will likely want to drive them all!

Here are five of the best “signed” driving routes in France:

5 Best Driving Routes in France for Tourists


Les Route de a Lavande

If you want to encounter quiet roads with endless farms, apiaries and distilleries; Les Route de a Lavande is a beautiful journey. As the name suggests, this route is famous for travelling through a lavender production region. For this reason, you can visit several producers of the plant but more specifically, this is also an opportunity to witness “small town France”.

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Le Route du Cidre

Normandy is probably best known for the beaches where D-Day took place during World War II. However, there is also this 25-mile stretch of road that takes you past many quaint villages, which can give the impression that you stepped back in time. In case you might be asking yourself, Le Route du “Cidre” refers to the fact that this region is also known for producing apple cider – yet another reason to explore this route.


Alsace Wine Route

As you might expect, Alsace is a famous wine route and one of many in France. However, this is also one, which is just as well known for some superb food experiences. From medieval towns and boutique hotels to ancient architecture and peaceful villages; this is also another opportunity to escape the cities and encounter the quieter side of life in France.

Route des Abbayes

Another fantastic driving route in France is the Route des Abbayes, which features a long line of very old abbeys. Needless to say, this will intrigue those who might be especially interested in history and the winding country roads are another highlight of this wonderful route.

La Route des Grandes Alpes

Finally, the majestic mountains and Alpine scenery make La Route des Grandes Alpes the most popular touring route in France. Interestingly, the official route is more than one hundred years old and travels from the Mediterranean all the way to Lake Geneva.

As you can see, every driving route in France is slightly different from the next and in case you might be asking yourself, each one is adequately sign posted. If you have week or more, you will likely encounter at least one of the above but if you have the time, every last one of them is worth the effort!