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Crime in France

crime in franceFrance is comparatively safe and most offenses are non-violent. Offense in Paris is not dissimilar to that in big cities. Pickpockets are definitely the most important issue. Along with wallets and handbags, little electronic devices, and smart phones are special objectives. Pickpockets could be any sex, race, or age because they can be not simple to prosecute, but are generally kids beneath the age of 16. Popular tourist sites may also be popular with robbers, who favor regions that are congested to hide their actions. The busy lifts in the region enclosing the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, escalators at museums, as well as the Eiffel Tower are favored by pickpockets and snatch and run thieves. There have been some cases of tourists being robbed and attacked near Metro stations that were less inhabited. Other places in Paris where additional security precautions are justified after dark are the Pigalle area and Les Halles.

Violent crime is comparatively unusual in the city center.

Most French residents take holidays in December and August; there’s normally a rise in the amount of residential break- ins. The bulk are credited to residents not using security measures set up, including neglecting to double lock windows and lock doors and install an alarm. Phone calls many times precede burglaries to find out whether the resident is at home. Frequently burglars symbolizing a utility company or who get use of the apartment building will rap on flat doors to find out whether anyone replies, maintaining they’re taking a survey.

Nevertheless, robberies including physical assault do happen in other major urban areas as well as Paris. Travelers should be conscious and attentive with their environment especially in congested places at airports, train stations, and subways. Offenses against visitors are often crimes of opportunity, though these offenses tend to be prone to entail violence late during the night or when the thieving is detected by the victim and resists the offender.

If you are travelling to some countries you may ned special training such hostile environment awareness training or special equipment such as bulletproof vests. But not in France. You only need your common sense and a travel insurance. That should do it!