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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Luxembourg Gardens

As the second largest public park in Paris and often regarded as the most beautiful one of all, the Luxembourg Gardens (dernier jour des vacances, last  day of the holiday) is a place that a visit to Paris simply would not feel complete without an exploration of its gorgeous grounds. With so much to see, do, and discover while there, the following should help to ensure your time spent there is all you were imagining…

A Brief History

The inspiration for the Luxembourg Gardens came from none other than Marie de Medici, who was nostalgic for the famous Boboli Gardens of Florence, where she was originally from. The year 1612 saw the beginning of the construction and after many years is now owned by the French Senate, which happens to meet in the Luxembourg Palace on grounds. Little by little, land was bought and turned into a place that is nothing short of extravagant and extraordinary in every sense of both terms. Experts were brought in to be in charge of making sure everything was up to Medici’s standards and was in line with her visions for the grounds. Thanks to her dreams becoming a reality, the Luxembourg Gardens are now one of the most visited landmarks in all of Paris.


You will find the Luxembourg Gardens within the city’s sixth arrondissement and surrounded by the two neighborhoods of the Quartier Latin and the St-Germain-des-Pres. Seeing as the public park is so extremely popular and so massive in size, it is extremely easy to find and very easily accessible by public transport.

Address: Borded by Bd. St-Michel and Rues de Vaugirard, de Medicis, Guynemer, and August-Comte, 75006 Paris, France

When to Visit

Depending on the season, the Luxembourg Gardens are typically open to the public daily from 7:30am to dusk. When to visit all depends on what you want to experience. For example, if blossoming flowers and lush green trees are what you are hoping for, then visit in the Spring. If warm weather and beaming sunshine is what you prefer, then come during the summer months. If you want to bundle up and see possible snow covered trees and twinkling lights, visit during the holidays in winter.

Admission: FREE

What to do There

As per everything mentioned above, you will not be surprised that there are in fact quite a number of fantastic things to do while paying a visit to the Luxembourg Gardens. If you are hoping for a leisurely afternoon, then grab a baguette, some meats and cheeses, along with some French wine and enjoy setting up a picnic on one of its many grassy fields. If you want to explore the grounds by bike, take a bike tour of the place. For some real fun, you and your fellow travelers can rent a row boat and head out on an adventure on its own small and private lake. Of course admire the many flower beds, elm trees, statues, and overall incredible design of the entire park while there and take it all in one at a time.