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Five myths about travel insurance

Diagram of Travel Insurance

Diagram of Travel Insurance

Travelers or backpackers have different views on travel insurance. Some see it as an essential tool other than the passport and sunscreen, while others see it as an added expense. Whatever concept you have in mind; there are five common myths on travel insurances which every backpacker should know. Understanding these myths will give you an idea whether such kind of insurance is essential or not.

Health and homeowner’s insurance are enough.

You may think that having a homeowner’s or health insurance are enough to give you protection from unexpected crisis of travelling. Unfortunately, these types of insurance have certain policies that are not applicable when you travel abroad. When something happens to you unexpectedly, you cannot make a claim from these insurances and you end up shelling a big amount of money. Accidental death, medical evacuation, lost luggage, trip cancellation, trip interruption and even travel assistance are some of the benefits that you can avail when you have your own travel insurance.

The airlines are responsible for covering delayed flights.

This may be true to some airlines but not all companies are willing to pay food and accommodation expenses associated with delayed flights. Even though there are extraordinary circumstances that caused the delay, some countries do not legally obligate the airline to provide compensation to passengers. This is the reason why travelers need to provide their own insurance policy to ensure that their meals, hotel room and other related expenses will be covered during a long haul of flight delay. Read more on US department of transportation.

There is no insurance policy for extreme adventures.

One of the reasons why some people do not buy a travel insurance is that it cannot cover some activities like scuba diving, trekking and many others. Although it is quite difficult to find a competitive insurance for extreme adventures, there are insurance companies that provide a coverage specific for these activities. Some of the insurance companies will also offer a rider to their existing insurance policy in order to lower the cost and give a better financial protection. World Nomads offers an insurance that covers extreme sports.

A travel insurance will cover the expenses to fly me home when I get injured or sick while traveling.

Typically, travel insurance policies will only transport the insured individual to the nearest medical facility when he/she gets sick or injured. They can also bring in medical help when the incident happens in a remote area, but they will not bring the person home or to his/her hospital of choice in his/her place of residency.

All travel insurance policies are the same.

There are several individuals who believe that travel insurance policies are the same. Although it is true that these policies protect someone from financial crisis, they all come in various coverage. Travel insurance have different scope, prices and perks. Most of them are tailor-made to meet the needs of a backpacker who either wants a sight-seeing tour or an adventurous activity. Read more on Rejseforsikring and Money Supermarket

Change your mind set about travel insurance policies. Stay protected against travel delays, cancellation, health injuries and many others. Have your own insurance to make sure you travel safe and you do not have to think of paying the expenses incurred from your backpacking adventures.