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Guide to the cities of France

This western country of Europe allures many visitors and tourists in to the astounding world of fashion and beauty. With iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, France is an ideal vacation destination. The rich cuisine and the diligent art and museums offer vast options to discover and indulge in.


parisThe city of lights with its serene beauty enraptures the heart of many travelers who come to visit this place. It is globally recognized for its art, history, fashion and culture. The Eiffel Tower is a historic site. This iron clad architecture has observation decks to view the city from the top. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is an expression of historic Gothic architecture and a 13th century overall look. The Cathedral treasury stores century old relics which is a must see when you visit there. The Louvre Museum houses Da Vinci’s greatest masterpiece Mona Lisa along with Romanesque painting, sculptures and art work. This Massive museum is attributed as a landmark of Paris.


The most priceless possession of Nice is the French Riveria spreading across the Mediterranean coast of France. The stone-y sands and beach winds would add to the encapsulating landscape of waves and beautiful sunsets. Musée Matisse exhibits paintings of the 17th century artist Matisse who had captured the beauty of Nice on his palate of paints and brushes. St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a religious site open to public to experience the intrinsic architecture in an exquisite way. Basilique Notre-Dame de l’Assomption is another religious building dedicated as a neo-Gothic church. Mount Boron in Nice is great for trekking and hiking. Terra Amata is situated on Mount Boron only, which is an open air archeological exhibit.


lyonLyon is adequately situated at the junction of the Saone and Rhone Rivers. Vieux Lyon is greatly contributing the Renaissance District and stands as one the oldest districts in all of France. The entire city of Lyon is submerged the history old tales of the Renaissance inheritance. Fourvière is another district of Lyon It has ruins from the olden times when Romans ruled, like the Roman Baths, Roman Theatre and Roman Odeon. Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon exhibits a collection of ancient and modern creation of art and paintings. The giant hill side museum of Gallo-Roman Museum at Lyon-Fourvière has a large collection of findings from the olden times.


Cannes is well known for its celebratory recognition in numerous film festivals. It is a beautiful resort town located on the edge of the French Riveria. Marché Forville is a huge spread of a wholesale market place with flowers, garden equipment, grocery items etc. Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance enjoys a place in the history books of Cannes for being as old as the time itself. It is a great site to absorb the exquisite architecture and the amazing view of the entire city. Le Vieux Port gives you a great chance to go fishing or enjoy your time on a luxurious yacht floating in the French Riveria.